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100-percent Contamination Of Euro Notes With Cocaine
12-Step Treatment More Effective than Alternative, Study Says
26 June message from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
A Short Walk Helps Smokers Quit
A Variety of Drug Disorders Has Affected 10% of Americans
Addicts more likely to have stress disorder
Alcohol and Brain Size
Alcohol Worse Than Ecstacy, According To Proposed 'Matrix Of Harm' For Drugs
Alcoholics Should Avoid Excessive Physical And Psychological Stress During Early Abstinence
Amphetamine, Cocaine Usage Increase Risk Of Stroke Among Young Adults
Antidepressants Help Men, But Not Women, Decrease Alcohol Consumption
Are We Spending Too Much On HIV?
Armenia to implement new anti-AIDS programme in 2007-11
Britain to reward addicts for quitting
Caffeine May Prevent Heart Disease Death In Elderly
Call for Applications Summer 2007 Public Health/Harm Reduction Training Institute Krakow, Poland
Canadian Tobacco Firms Want Cigarettes Regulated Like Beer
Cannabis 'affecting young minds'
Cannabis-related Schizophrenia Set To Rise, Say Researchers
CDC Changes Recommendations For Gonorrhea Treatment Due To Drug Resistance
Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder At Risk For Alcohol Problems
Cigarette Smoke Alters DNA In Sperm, Genetic Damage Could Pass To Offspring
Circumcision: A Proven Strategy To Prevent HIV, Study Shows
Coffee Doesn
Criteria for Depression Are Too Broad, Researchers Say
Dealing with Stress as a Treatment for Alcohol Abuse
Depressed? A Computer May Help
Depressed? A Computer May Help
DISCA-Supported Research Finds Depression Predicts Failure to Quit Smoking
Do Cigarette Warning Labels Work? Results From 4 Countries
Does A Component Of Niacin Point The Way To Anti-aging Drugs?
Drink milk to quit smoking
Drinking Heavily In College May Lead To Heart Disease Later In Life
Drug Abuse Prevention: Theater Motivates People To Help
Eat Well, Get Fit, Stop Smoking - Prevent Cancer
Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduces HIV Transmission Risk For Infant
Female Alcoholics Can Develop Cognitive Problems More Rapidly Than Male Alcoholics
Former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey: "Methadone Maintenance Treatment Helps"
Friendly Young People in Particular Drink Under Pressure
Half Of HIV Spread By Newly Infected
Healthy Steps for Young Children: Sustained Results at 5.5 Years
High Rates Of Latent TB Infection Found In Russian Health Workers
High-Level U.K. Police Officer Recommends Prescribing Heroin
Higher Physical Activity Level Slows Lung Function Decline In Smokers
HIV in drug users unrelated to needle-exchange
How Smoking Marijuana Damages The Fetal Brain
How Young Are Influenced To Drink
Ideology Trumps Science in the Harper Government
Improving of Narcological Clinic in Yerevan
International Harm Reduction Association presents the
IOM Recommends FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products
Italy sounds alarm over cocaine use
Judge Recommends End to Government Monopoly on Marijuana for Research
Key Protein For Hepatitis C Virus Entry Identified
Landmark Addiction Study Finds People Underestimate Power Of Drug Cravings
Light Drinking May Keep Dementia at Bay
Long-term Marijuana Smoking Leads To Respiratory Complaints
Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows
Mechanism Of Hallucinogens' Effects Discovered
Mechanism Of Hallucinogens' Effects Discovered
Methadone Substitution Treatment now is available in Armenia
Methamphetamine use linked to heart condition (By Martha Kerr)
More Risks for Alcoholics
Naltrexone may help Crohn's sufferers
National Programme on Combating Drug Addiction and Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs, RA, 2009-2012
New AIDS Drug Helps Patients Immune to Other Medications
New AIDS drug shows 'phenomenal' results
Nicotine Also Hooks Smokers By Enhancing Pleasure Of Experiences, Study Shows
NIDA Announces New Tools for Drug Abuse Treatment
People underestimate the power of drug cravings
Pregnant smokers decrease chance of male baby
Pregnant Smokers Raise Their Child's Risk Of Stroke, Heart Attack
Quitting Smoking May Be Harder If Mom Smoked During Pregnancy
Quitting Smoking Reduces Risk Of Lung Cancer Mortality By 70 Percent
Recently Licensed Nicotine Receptor Stimulant Trebles Odds Of Stopping Smoking
Reduction in Nicotine Craving Predicts Ability to Quit
Researchers Call for More Focus on Excessive Drinking
Rigorously Controlled Study Supports Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana
Sex, Drugs and Dating
Sifting Out Cure For HIV: Special Ceramic Membranes Could Filter Virus From Blood
Sleep Deprivation Adds Risk to Gambling
Smoke Alarm: The Truth About Smoking And Mental Illness
Smokers Make Poorer Workers
Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee to stop Parkinson's?
Smoking Indicator Of Alcohol Misus
Smoking Produces Changes In Human Brain Like Those In Animals Using Illicit Drugs
Smoking stays in your genes after you quit
Spirituality Aids Alcohol Recovery
Stressed teachers 'taking drugs'
Study Demonstrates Nicotine's Role In Smoking Behavior
Study highlights new and cheaper way to treat heroin addiction
Study Says Psychedelic Drugs Have Different Brain Action
Subtypes of Alcoholism Discovered
Surge of suicides among teenage girls in Norway, study finds
Teen Dieters Likely to Start Smoking
Teenage Risk-taking: Biological And Inevitable?
The Substance Abuse Costs to Society & Workplaces Are Huge
U.S. Exports Failed Policies to Afghanistan
UK Pop Star Robbie Williams in Rehab for Drug Dependence
UN Secretary-General calls on Asian governments to amend outdated laws criminalizing injecting drug
WA: Prescription Drug Overdose Becomes Big Killer
WHO 34TH Expert Committee Report on Drug Dependence: Re. Buprenorphine
WHO And UNAIDS Recommend Male Circumcision As A Step Towards HIV Prevention
Widely Used Hepatitis B Drug Spurs HIV Drug Resistance
Workers at Smoky Jobs Double Cancer Risk, Study Says
World AIDS Day 2008
Young adults start or increase their cigarette smoking after exposure to a traumatic event

General Articles

"Healthy" Children with Smoking Parents aren't Really so Healthy
10 tips for better sleep
20 ways to cope with nicotine cravings
A bried History and Experience of Ecstasy
A harm reduction approach
Addiction basics
Addiction: What does it mean?
Alcoholism...what is it?
Anxiety is Bad for Your Health
Caffeine: How much is too much?
Coping with heavy drug use by a family member
Don't Be Scammed By A Drug Abuser
Drug abuse and dependence
Drugs and Serious Adverse Events
Harsh Truths About Cocaine
Heroin Deaths
How drugs affect driving?
How families can provide support for home detox from illicit drugs
How to identify a heroin addict
Insomnia Among
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
Internet addiction more serious than OCD
List of deaths by accidental drug overdose
Mixing drugs
Models of Addiction
Neonatal abstinence syndrome
New Theory on Happiness
nited Nations Secretary General message on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2007
Online gambling: is addiction one click away?
Opium Information
Outside View: End the black AIDS plague
Over-the-counter pain medications: Reading the labels
Prescription Painkiller Addiction
Preventing Abuse Of Prescription Drugs And Pain Medications
Questions on Psychoactive Drugs
Recognizing Alcohol Abuse
Removing Barriers
Sadness & Depression: What Is the Difference?
Safe Sex
Smoking by Actors Sways Behavior
Solvent abuse
Substance abuse practitioners ask 'what is recovery?'
Teenage Drug Abuse - Effects on schooling
The nature of addiction
The Physical Effects of Long-Term Stress
The Power of Music To Reduce Stress
What Causes Addiction?
What is LSD?
What is Marijuana?
What is Rapid Detox?
Why steroids are the new teen drug


Club Drugs
CNS depressants
Heroin Effects
LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Meth Overview
Opiates and Opiate Addiction
Phencyclidine (PCP)
Sedatives and Hypnotics


"Somatic" Consequences of Drug Abuse
Addiction and Dependence
Consequences of Drug Use on Youth
Drug Overdose
Hepatitis B and C
Heroin Overdose
Injection Drug Use and Hiv Infection
List of drug misuse consequences
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Withdrawal from drugs of abuse

Harm Reduction

About Methadone
Overdose Management
Reducing Harm: Treatment and Beyond
Safer Injection of illicit drugs
What is harm reduction?


Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies
Evidence-based principles for substance abuse prevention


Differential treatment of dependences
Drug addiction treatment approaches
Drug and Alcohol Detoxification
Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Rapid Detox
Suboxone Treatment and Detox - Withdrawal, Abuse and Addiction
Treatment for Methamphetamine Abuse
Valium Addiction, Treatment and Withdrawal

For Parents

11 Points for Parents to Protect Their Kids
Answering the question: "Did you ever use drugs?"
Comunication strategies for parents
Explaining addiction to children
Heroin informataion for family members
Introduction to Illicit Drugs
Is cannabis, or marijuana a "gateway" drug for teenagers?
Is my cuild using drugs?
Is Your Child Using a Drug?
My child has tried an illicit drug
Responding to teen substance use (an extract)
Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Understanding Teenagers: Drug Issues.
Warning Signs: Is Your Child Using Meth?

Patient Education

Coping with Urges
Detoxification Details
Drug addiction
Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction
How Do I Stop Using Heroin
How Is HIV Infection Spread?
How to stop drinking alcohol
Shhhh...This Is Your Brain On Sleep
Smoking Reduction Tips


How should drug use be prevented?
Leave the drugs war to cartoons and cops
National Programme on Combating Drug Addiction and Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs, RA, 2009-2012
NCEDP: Eight Steps to Effectively Controlling Drug Abuse and the Drug Market
Selected reports of the Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme (BFDPP)


Injecting Drug Use
Internet Addiction Guide
Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing

Scientific Papers

Abuse of prescription drugs and the risk of addictionstar
Acute Heroin Overdose
Adolescent alcohol and cannabis use in relation to peer and school factors
Buprenorphine versus methadone in the treatment of pregnant opioid-dependent patients...
Childhood and adolescent antecedents of drug and alcohol problems: A longitudinal study
Marijuana Smoking Is Associated With a Spectrum
Motivational interviewing to improve treatment engagement ... A multisite effectiveness study
Opiate Drugs Increase Vulnerability to Stress
Oxycontin Addiction, Abuse and Treatment
Pharmacological content of tablets sold as
The Relationship Between Depression and Internet Addiction (by K.S. Young and R.C. Rodg)


Internet Addiction Disorder: Causes, Symptoms,and Consequences (by Jennifer R. Ferris)
Reducing Harm: A Very Good Idea (by Robert W. Westermeyer, Ph.D.)


23 Relaxation Techniques and Relaxation Exercises You Can Do at Home or Work
Coping with Addiction
Five Easy Steps to Better Communication


A Framework for Action: A Four-Pillar Approach to Drug Problems in Vancouver (MacPherson)
A review of the evidence-base for harm reduction approaches to drug use (Neil Hunt)
AATC: Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices in Addiction Treatment
Addictive Properties of Drugs
An Integrated Approach to Treatment for Addiction (IBR TCU)
Beyond Zero Tolerance: A Reality-Based Approach to Drug Education and Student Assistance
BFDPP: Assessing drug policy principles and practice
BFDPP: Facing the Future- The Challenge for National & International Drug Policy
BFDPP: INCB-Watchdog or Guardian of the UN Drug Control Conventions?
BFDPP: Law enforcement and supply reduction
BFDPP: Reducing Drug Related Crime: an overview of the global evidence
BFDPP: Reducing drug related harms to health: an overview of the global evidence
BFDPP: The Funding of the UNODC: An Unfi nished Jigsaw
BFDPP: The Measurement of Drug-related Harm
BFDPP: Towards a review of global policies on controlled drugs
BFDPP: Treatment for Dependent Drug Use- A Guide For Policymakers
Demand Reduction: A Glossary of Terms (UNODC)
Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Hepatitis C (AASLD)
EMCDDA: Annual Report on Drugs 2005
EMCDDA: Differences in patterns of drug use between women and men
EMCDDA: Guidelines for the evaluation of outreach work
Findings and Recommendations for More Effective Drug Education for Youth (Rodney Skager, Ph.D.)
Lessons Learned in Drug Abuse Prevention: A Global Review (UNODC)
Methadone Maintenance Treatment. (CDC 2002)
NADA: Principles of HIV Prevention in Drug-Using Populations
NAM: HIV and Hepatitis for HIV+ people
NIDA: Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment
Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens and Drugs
The Addiction Severity Index - Lite (ASI-Lite)
The Opiate Treatment Index (WHO Collaborative Study)
Vein Care: Maintain Your Veins
WHO/UNODC/UNAIDS Substitution maintenance therapy in the management of opioid dependence. 2004
World AIDS Day 2008