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General Information

Antidrugs Civil Union (ACU) is a local Armenian non-governmental organization established in September 2002. The main body of ACU is Congress called for 2 years. The President of organization and Executive Board conduct all operations of the NGO which is monitored by Inspection Committee. Currently, the organization has more than 10 active members - narcologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other medical specialists.

Currently, Antidrugs Civil Union NGO is actively involved in activities directed to the development and implimentation of harm reduction programs, especially, initiation of methadone substitution treatment in Armenia.

Antidrugs Civil Union NGO is a member of Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM), a body which plans and monitors "Support to the National Programme on HIV/AIDS Prevention" Programme in Armenia.

The Aim of Organization

To act against illicit drug spread and to reduce drug-related harm.

Main Objectives of Organization

  • Ongoing observation, data collection, evaluation and analysis of drug abuse problems;
  • Contribution to the Armenian legislation on drug classification, legal and illicit drug trafficking and related issues;
  • Actions against many spheres influencing negatively on public health;
  • Development and implementation of drug preventive programs;
  • Development and implementation of drug-related harm reduction programs;
  • Development and implementation of programs on changing and further supporting of injecting drug users behavior, preventing spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections among them;
  • Providing consultative, treatment and rehabilitation services among injecting drug users.

Completed and ongoing Projects

Paid projects

  • "Methadone Substitution Treatment Settlement in Armenia", financed by the OSI Armenia (2004)
  • "Substitution Treatment Advocacy Project in Armenia", financed by the OSI Armenia (2005)
  • "Drug Training and Resource Center", financed by the SCAD Programme in Armenia (2004-2006)
  • "Celebrating of June 26 - International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking", financed by the UNDP Armenia (2006)
  • "Establishment of Methadone Clinic within the Narcological Clinic, Yerevan City, Armenia", financed by the OSI Armenia (2007)
  • Development of "Treatment Standards of Narcological Diseases in Republic of Armenia", financed by the OSI Armenia (2005). This guiedeline was approved by the Minister of Health of Republic of Armenia in June 2005.
  • Development of "Clinical Guideline of Methadone Treatment in Armenia", financed by the OSI Armenia (2006). The Guiedeline was approved by the Minister of Health of Republic of Armenia in December 2006.

Non-paid projects

  • "Some behavioral patterns of IDU with more than 5 years of drug history in Yerevan, Armenia: A survey among 50 injecting drug users (2004)". An abstract of the study was submitted to the 16th International Conference on Reduction of Drug Related Harm, Belfast, Ireland, March 20-24, 2005.
  • "A Pilot Study of the Attitudes, Beliefs, Lifestyle and Use of Injecting Drugs among injecting drug users in Yerevan, Armenia: A survey among 165 IDUs (2005)"
  • Individual and group assistance projects among injecting drug users

Our Main Partners

  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia
  • The Sounthern Caucasus Anti-Drug Programme (SCAD)
  • Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation Armenia (OSI AFA)
  • International Harm Reduction Development (IHRD) Programme
  • Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders
  • Narcological Clinic, Psychiatric Medical Center CJSC of the Ministry of Health
  • Other local organizations and institutions


  • Address: 2, Acharyan Street 2nd lane, Yerevan (2nd floor of the Narcological Clinic)
  • Phone: +37410 621536
  • Mail
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